Freewallet Reddit reviews

Reddit is one of the largest platforms where users can post reviews and participate in discussions. In particular, many communities talk about cryptocurrencies, wallets and digital services. Freewallet on Reddit has earned a reputation as a scam. And it is true. Because the administration of Freewallet org groundlessly blocks client accounts and then steals their assets.

Look at this screenshot. A user published a Freewallet review on Reddit, in which he described how the administration of the wallet stole money raised for cancer treatment.

As a pretext for stealing savings, the scammers used the excuse that the client provided edited photographs of documents. But if you carefully read all the Freewallet Reddit reviews, you will see that there are hundreds of such stories. And in reality we are talking about KYC fraud, that is, the theft of money under the guise of verification!

Freewallet scam on Reddit

You might think this is an isolated incident. But in reality there are hundreds of similar cases. It is no coincidence that in some communities (for example, those dedicated to the M cryptocurrency) Freewallet is included in the list of fraudulent sites. This is because Freewallet scam on Reddit is mentioned in almost every community.

The same situation occurs on other crypto forums. Thousands of people have already lost assets due to the Freewallet KYC scam. Therefore, we urge everyone not to use this wallet. Otherwise, you will become another victim of deception!


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